About Us

Le Bombe Beaute Cosmetic Kits offer specific stencils, colors and guidance to achieve the look of a specific era.

  • Created for women seeking to achieve authentic vintage/retro beauty results
  • Each era had a unique make-up style
  • Each movie star or Pin Up had a trademark look evocative of that era and style
  • No other cosmetic line offers Retro-Esque cosmetic, stencils and tools in kits

Looks reference 1940- 1960's movie stars, eelebrities and Pin- Ups using historical data Stencils:

The eyeliner and eyebrow stencils created are inspired by specific vintage beauties through historical reference. Achieve flawless Cat Eyes and Trademark Brows using our unique, easy and customizable stencil designs.

Cindee Steele
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